Getting started on GTAXLnet

Welcome to GTAXLnet! We are glad you chose GTAXLnet for your chatting needs. Follow the steps below in order to get started. If you need any help, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Here is a quick overview of the steps you'll take to complete the getting started guide.

Step 1

Learn about GTAXLnet and IRC

Step 2

Choose a nick

Step 3


Step 4

Choose an IRC client and setup

Step 5

IRC Fundamentals

Step 6

Create a channel and or join a channel


You're on your way! We hope you enjoy GTAXLnet and we appreciate your business. Look around on the site and use the commands pages to become even more familiar with how IRC functions.

Step 1 - Learn about GTAXLnet and IRC

Welcome! Before you begin this process, please take a quick overview of what we do and our history. Please take a look at our About page. On the About page you will find what we do, what is irc, how we got started, why we exist, what we've been through, why we are better than other IRC networks, and why is it called GTAXLnet. Also check out our Staff page so we're not strangers to you. :) Feel free to look around under the About tab to learn more about the network and view things such as the FAQ and our servers. Also, an important thing you should read and review is the Policies page. This will show you the rules of the network and our privacy policy. When you connect to GTAXLnet and use our service there are rules to follow, as is any other online service. Failure to comply with these rules will result in consequences.

Go to About Page

Step 2 - Choose a nick

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