In order to use GTAXLnet to the full potential, you have to know the commands to make things work on IRC. Each GTAXLnet service has its own subset of commands that correspond with a specific service. The major services offered by GTAXLnet are,

Please Note: Quotes represent a dynamic variable that requires user input. Do NOT include the quotes when you type your command.
To retrieve a command list from any given service type,

/msg “service” HELP
Example: /msg NickServ HELP

Replace “service” with a GTAXLnet service you wish to learn about. It will then print out a list of commands for that given service. To get details about a specific command in that service type,

/msg “service” HELP “command”

Replace “service” with the GTAXLnet service in question, and “command” with the command in that service you want to learn about. You will have to be registered and identified (logged in) to view ALL commands in a service. GTAXLnet staff will see additional commands per service such as SUSPEND on NickServ to suspend a user account.