Choosing a nick

Posted February 6, 2014

The first step to using GTAXLnet is to pick a nick. What is a nickname aka nick? Well a nick is basically the name or username you use on GTAXLnet. Similar to a gamertag on Xbox Live. It identifies who you are and is REQUIRED. When choosing a nick, use something unique but that doesn’t give away any personal information. Make it unique because common names like “Keith” “Tom” “banana” are most likely to be already taken. Don’t make it too unique like a password “4KnCFCeP.” Choose a nick that sets you apart, but is also simple so you can remember it. Now, there are a few restrictions when choosing a nick,

When you pick a nick, you have to make sure it’s not already taken by another user. Another person may have registered it or is planning to. You also have to make sure your nick is appropriate and non-offensive. Also, you cannot attempt to be a network service such as NickServ, BOPM, Anope, etc. It’s also important that you don’t impersonate someone else. If you have the nick BarackObama, you would be impersonating because you are not the president. Please keep in mind, if you chose an inappropriate nick, staff may ask you to change it. Failure to do so will result in a network ban. Also, some channels have certain rules on what nicks are inappropriate. As long as it doesn’t contain a cuss word, impersonation of any form, or offensive material, you should be fine! :D

To change your nick type,

/nick “NewNickHere”
Example: /nick RonnieZ99

Replace NewNickHere with the nick you wish to obtain. Do not include the quotes.

To check if a nick is registered type,

/msg NickServ INFO “NickHere”
Example: /msg NickServ INFO RonnieZ99

Replace NickHere with the nick you wish to check. Do not include the quotes. If it shows information, that means the nick is currently registered by another user. If it says something along the lines of, “-NickServ- Nick RonnieZ99 isn’t registered.” then that means the nick is not registered to anybody.

Before you register, also check to see if the nick has been recently used. To check if the nick has been recently used type,

/whowas “NickHere”
Example: /whowas RonnieZ99

If it shows the nick, following the hostname, that means the nick as been recently used by somebody. If it shows something along the lines of this, “RonnieZ99 :We have NEVER EVER seen that person on this network.” then that mean the nick has not been recently used.

You can also find out if that nick is currently online by using WHOIS.

/whois “NickHere”
Example: /whois RonnieZ99

If it says something along the lines of, “RonnieZ99 :That person does not exist. You drunk?” then that nick is currently not online.

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