Higher limits

Join up to 400 channels at once
Register up to 100 channels
12 clients per IP
450 topic character count
2 year nickname expiration
1 year channel expiration
..and many other increases

Staff that care

We treat all our users with the utmost respect and are dedicated to providing solutions to a conflict rather than issuing a ban hammer.

Full services

Know any other services we can implement? Let us know!

Why should I use IRC over other chat solutions?

IRC is mature and stable. Since it has been around for such some time, it is widely recognized and can be implemented into any program. Unlike other chat solutions, IRC is capable of much more features and can hold an incredible capacity of users. IRC also allows use of custom made bots that can do various things such as display the weather to even games like UNO.

Pillow with a pound hashtag symbol

Moving from GeekShed? We're the best alternative!

We may offer our services completely free, but you don't always get what you paid for, instead you get better! Unlike GeekShed, we don't treat our users like cavemen. We have patience to deal with trolls, and new users that may not know how IRC operates. We operate in a professional manner until your questions and or conflicts are fully resolved to everyone's approval.

Caveman in front of a computer

Brand new to IRC? Don't worry, we got you covered!

Other networks expect you to know how IRC functions before using their service but that's not the case at GTAXLnet. Our target audience is both brand new users and users that are looking for a better IRC network to host their community. GTAXLnet provides very detailed tutorials to help the novice user become intermediate. Some tutorials even include videos to help you grasp an even better understanding. We also provide tips and tricks for users that already know IRC but want to use it to the full potential.

Person with question mark

Personal Use

Whether you're chatting with your friends or family, GTAXLnet can be used for a wide variety of purposes. GTAXLnet provides a good way to talk to your friends and family from all over the globe. You can start a community or move your existing community here. Whether it be friends or a group of people sharing similar interests. You can have your own chat room where you discuss whatever topic you want, or it can be a laid back place to hang with your broskies. GTAXLnet is also a good place to interact with fellow gamers.

Boy in front of laptop

Business Use

Most if not all businesses nowadays strongly rely on communications between staff. E-Mail may be a solution, but it is tedious and inefficient if you're just wanting to send a quick message to someone. Using GTAXLnet can be the most efficient way for instant communication within your company or organization. With the ability to handle up to thousands upon thousands of users, and at a price that you can't say no to. Instant message clients require you to add everyone as a friend/contact which is also tedious and unprofessional. Also many hosting providers and open source projects use IRC to communicate with their clients and provide instant support. This also allows for other people to help too. For example, someone needing help with PHP can join the PHP IRC channel and get support from not just the owners of PHP, but also from people that are good with PHP.

Corporate business people

A fantastic way to interact with your fans!

Whether you're a musical artist or a main character in a movie, interacting with your fan base is crucial. You may think a Facebook fan page or a Twitter account where you mention a fan every now and then is enough, it's not. You have to stay engaged with your fans or they won't feel appreciated for the support they have given you. Responding to your fans via Facebook or Twitter is very overwhelming, but don't worry, GTAXLnet is the solution. You can view what all your fans are saying instantly and reply in a flash. Many live stream and use IRC to communicate in real-time with their viewers. GTAXLnet is capable of handling the amount of fans you have and can increase server capacity when needed.

Fans going wild

Being 100% is important to us!

We care about every aspect of our infrastructure. You can say we are OCD about our network. We do whatever it takes to pass regulations and to get that A+. Not only do we care about our IRC network, but every single element that makes up GTAXLnet. Our website for example, we harden the server, optimize it and make it as fast as possible. We do many online evaluation tests and we aren't happy until we are 100% in every avenue. Our servers, we firewall and harden every avenue such as the SSHd and processes running. We strive to be as professional as possible, anything less is completely unacceptable. GTAXLnet gets an A on website speed/optimization on many different services, we get an A on DNS health, even get an A on our SSL implementation (compare to MasterCard that gets an F). We're not perfect, nobody is, but we can at least provide our best. If you see anything we can improve on, feedback is much appreciated!

Green A plus

We like the saying "Never give up," and we're sticking to it.

GTAXLnet is no n00b when it comes to experience. We've dealt with packet kiddies, skids, lowlifes, and trolls. Attacks against GTAXLnet have been so drastic that police were called on two occasions. Even though we've been the target of multitudes of attacks, we get back up and provide service. Visit our About page to learn more about our history. GTAXLnet is no kid network that comes up for a year or two and goes away, we are serious about our IRC network.

Troll face

We are more than just an IRC network..

IRC is our specialty, but we do more than just provide chat room services. We like to experiment and do several projects for learning experience and to provide more than just IRC. GTAXLnet offers other internet related services and has done several projects throughout the years. Services such as DNS resolver, computer repair, website hosting, and server management. Some projects we done are GTAXLnet DEFCON, Columbus Ohio news station archiving, CentOS router, and more! You can view our current services and projects here.

Internet World Globe

We will always be FREE, but we need your help.

Our IRC service will always be 100% free for users to use, although the cost to keep GTAXLnet running is not free for us. It costs money for the servers, domain name, and similar elements that make GTAXLnet what it is. We would not be here without help from others along the way. If you appreciate our service and are financially stable, please consider donating. You can donate at the Donate page.

100% Free