New website look, and other upgrades!

We have been making changes to GTAXLnet. If you cannot already tell, GTAXLnet has got a new website. We used to use Wordpress to manage and create our site. We switched to Bootstrap, which is an HTML/CSS/JavaScript project that makes website creation easy and fun. In doing so, we switched from a dynamic website to a static content based. The static content based means we manually code each page, whereas the dynamic from Wordpress PHP had to render the page every time and also pull content from the MySQL database, making the website slow. We think our site looks professional, less sophisticated and the site loads almost instantly even being on Jetstream's line. If you want to see what our website looked like previously, check out the Internet Archive here. The new website is still under construction, but we've put up the most critical pages. Everyday we are working to complete more and more pages of our new website. We've been pulling content from the old site and converting it into the new format. We don't expect the site to be fully done for a few months. This also provides Victor with a lot of experience with HTML and website design. We lost the main server Excession, which hosted the website and various other components. So therefore we have to merge it all over to Jetstream and convert some scripts to work on Jetstream which takes some time. A handful of pages on our site will say under construction and some will give a 404 error. We apologize for this inconvenience and are working frantically to complete this upgrade. Our GoDaddy SSL certificate has also expired therefore we obtained a new one from StartCom that is valid until 7/10/2015. The interest of GTAXLnet will help increase the construction rate. Like if we see a bunch of users loading our site, that will encourage us to get more done faster. Our new site is not the only news, we've also upgraded our IRC services to the new Anope 2.0.1 version. This provides many new features such as the web panel and flags. We do plan to setup the Anope Web Panel for our users to use, however we have not started progress on this yet. We will be working on implementing it soon. We plan to proxy the web panel through Apache making it easier for users to use. The merge to the new Anope wasn't easy, we had to completely re-do the configurations, and convert the database files to the new flat file format. We have yet to implement any Anope modules and will look into which modules we used in our old Apache version. You will have to re-update your ajoin list to the new database, as the previous one was a 3rd party module. We've had issues with the new Anope crashing our IRCd and are looking into a resolution. We have found a bad bug (duplicate numerics across all servers) in our IRCd and are planning on upgrading our IRCd to the latest version soon. The IRCd upgrade should address the bug (numeric issue) and also bring many other bug fixes at the core. The upgrade for the IRCd will however be awhile as we have to go through the code and set it to GTAXLnet standards. Jetstream has gotten an internet upgrade which should help make our network flow a little better. It's a speed upgrade from the 6 Mbps down, 0.45 Mbps up to 10 Mbps down, 0.80 Mbps up. There is a speedtest result below. We're glad to give you this update and appreciate you for being with GTAXLnet. Please let us know what you think about the new website look and other upgrades on Facebook and Twitter! :)

Jetstream internet speed 10Mbps

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